Top Ten Most Active Mentors of 2010

To close out the year 2010, we’d like to honor our top ten most active mentors. Levels of activity are judged by the number of mentees that a mentor has, the mentor’s level of interaction with all mentees, the number of emails sent/replied to, and the amount of time spent on the program.

Collectively, these ten mentors spent an impressive 972 hours mentoring this year! We offer a big thank you to these dedicated and hard-working mentors!

Username: TheVerve

First Name: Frank

State: Virginia

Career: Finance/Financial Services

Title: Business Analyst

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 13


Deanna and her husband, Rene

Username: riidPA

First Name: Deanna

State: Pennsylvania

Career: Health Science & The Medical Field

Title: Physician Assistant

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 13

“I love working with icouldbe as it’s something I can fit in to a busy schedule and still feel like I’m giving back. It’s fun to know that I’m ‘talking’ with students from across the county and meeting people I would never have the opportunity to interact with otherwise. I feel like it has also broadened my own horizons as to what students today are facing- taking care of siblings, having jobs, struggling with school work, all while trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. I just try to give them some support and hope about their future, as well has help them distill down exactly it is that interests them and what they’d like to do with their lives.” – riidPA



Username: crmot

First Name: Cynthia

State: Massachusetts

Career: Health Science & The Medical Field

Title: Hand Therapy Supervisor

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 13

“This is my third year volunteering as a mentor with It’s been a great experience for me. It’s very fulfilling to help students get through the many issues they face in high school. I remember how stressful it was when I was teenager trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life! My aim is to help them to sort out what their goals are and how to achieve them. And to just give them some support. Many of my students do not appear to have the support systems that I was lucky enough to have at that age. My biggest advice to my mentees is to discover what they’re passionate about and to follow their dreams!” – Cynthia


Username: Eugenia

First Name: Eugenia

State: California

Career: Health Science & The Medical Field

Title: RN, MSN, CCM, Director, Resource Management

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 13



Username: SpikeT

First Name: Spike

State: Arizona

Career: Finance / Financial Services

Title: Retired

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 12

“The rewards are so great, better than money. icouldbe has been very good to me, with emails of appreciation for what I love to do. To think that I can change a child’s life means so much to me. To just be able to help a kid with a question, it’s great.” – Spike

During the 35 years since his 3-year-old son was killed by a car, Spike has made helping children his life’s work. He uses a wheelchair and says he’s “set for life” with a fixed income. After a long career of paid work, volunteer activities are “better than money,” he says.



Username: photocat

First Name: Garth

State: Oregon

Career: Computers

Title: Software Developer

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 12

“When I was in high school I got some bad advice about my education and career goals. So when I was looking for an online organization to volunteer for I was very glad to find one which helped kids with this very important decision making process. Instead of pat answers, I believe meaningful conversations and considerable thinking is required. I am very happy to help
kids figure out their best course of action regarding their career and education choices.

My biggest challenge is to keep these kids motivated and moving through the curriculum. I wish I had more support from their parents and teachers. Too often these kids spend only a few minutes a week on this work, instead of the hour or more that would serve them so much better. If you know an mentee please encourage them to spend more time communicating
with their mentors and other people who can help them determine what career would suit them best and what education or experience they need for that career.” – Garth


Username: OliveJuice

First Name: Shanae

State: Arkansas

Title: Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Number of year-long mentees throughout 2010: 11


Username: chickenmonkey

First Name: Ryan

State: Maine

Career: Information Technology

Title: Data Security Administrator

Number of year-long mentees: 11



Username: ilovetorow

First Name: Elizabeth

State: New York

Career: Health Science & The Medical Field

Title: Nutritionist & Physiologist

Number of year-long mentees: 11

“There is nothing more rewarding than being a mentor, for I get to serve as a collective role model, advocate, friend and fan to the young adults with whom I work. Along with all of the mentors on this site, I possess a sincere desire in positively affecting students’ courses in life and helping build their self-esteem and knowledge base. Working with mentees is as beneficial to me as it is to them. Exploring their interests, values and goals has provided me with meaningful self-reflection and greater self-understanding. I am deeply thankful for the opportunities has allowed all of us.” – Elizabeth


Username: hiker

First Name: Monica

State: Colorado

Career: Business

Title: Vice President

Number of year-long mentees: 11