Using Data to Measure Student Impact

Last month our Executive Director, Kate Schrauth and COO, Wendy Siegelman had a honky-tonk good time in Nashville Tennesse at the 2nd annual DataKind DataDive sponsored by Teradata. We were delighted to be invited to participate in an intensive two-day work session where expert data scientists volunteered to analyze the data of iCouldBe and three other non-profits to help us better serve our communities.

Kate and Wendy worked with seven data experts who generously volunteered 12+ hour days to organize and analyze anonymous data to better understand factors leading to successful mentee outcomes. The dedicated volunteers helped develop a logistical regression model and text sentiment analysis tools that iCouldBe can use going forward. And we are truly excited to continue this great work as we engage with DataKind in a DataCorps partnership to pursue an extended project from January through June of 2015.

Thanks to DataKind and Teradata for organizing and sponsoring the DataDive event and for the generous time and mental power that our data experts contributed. iCouldBe now has a data-driven framework and predictive model we will use to continue improving our program, curriculum, training, and to better serve our community.