Meet our summer interns

We had the pleasure of having not one but two summer interns. Our interns worked closely with the program team and gave amazing feedback on the iCouldBe curriculum and mentee welcome videos. Here is what they had to say about their experience at iCouldBe.


My Internship Experience
Hi! My name is Jessica and I am an upcoming senior in high school. During this summer I have been wanting to gain work experience inside a company. So when I was given the opportunity to intern with iCouldBe, I felt excited to be part of an innovative program. It had been a perfect match for me because I was able to explore, network, and develop goals. 

My experience has been amazing. The iCouldBe team always made sure my ideas were heard by everyone and made me feel comfortable to share my ideas.

Whether I was giving feedback or working on a project, I was able to work on my communication and collaboration skills. Since I had been working virtually, it allowed me to have a more flexible schedule and develop new technical skills.

I could have not asked for a better experience. I appreciate the iCouldBe staff for being so welcoming during the entire internship.  

Why iCouldBe Matters
In high school, most of us are unsure of our goals and plans after graduation. So having a mentor to provide guidance and support throughout our own personal journey in school is extremely helpful when developing goals and plans after graduation. Not only does iCouldBe fit this criteria, but it provides resources on colleges, resumes, community services, and so much more.

I know I will definitely talk about this program to my peers and teachers because it could help so many students in my high school!


My Internship Experience
Hello, my name is Paige and I am going to be a senior this upcoming school year. This summer, I was looking for a place where I could learn more about working in a more professional setting. I found that my school district was looking for interns and I was able to earn an internship with iCouldBe.

Although my internship with iCouldBe has been virtual, it has taught me the importance of communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. I was constantly emailing and talking to my coordinators, peers, and others .I used my critical thinking skills in different ways to help think of new ideas for new projects. Also, I felt like my voice was heard when the iCouldBe team and I were collaborating to try to find the best ways to improve their program in calls.

Not only was I able to learn more about communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, but I was able to get a better understanding of the work environment. Throughout this internship experience with iCouldBe, it has taught me lessons that I will be able to take with me in the future.

Why iCouldBe Matters
iCouldBe is a program that helps mentees investigate who they are and who they could be in the future, career-wise and personally. It is a safe place where mentees can think deeply about themselves and their future and can get the opinion, ideas, and perspective from a mentor.

Students across the country can benefit from this amazing program as it helps with something many high school students struggle with; figuring out themselves and their future.

iCouldBe is a great way for students to create a strong foundation to start looking into their future and how they can get there.