Volunteer Week is here!

It’s one of our favorite times of the year – National Volunteer Week! This is a weeklong celebration when organizations all over the country thank the volunteers that are the very lifeblood of their cause. At icouldbe.org, that means taking a moment to thank our mentors.

It’s so exciting to have mentors volunteer from such a diverse collection of careers and industries – to be able to provide students with this expertise and advice is invaluable! Because of you, students all over the country are getting the support they need and deserve to be successful high school graduates and to see a new future that is full of possibilities.

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU icouldbe.org mentors!

You may remember back during January, we set a goal to recruit 500 new mentors. Happily, we’re very close to reaching the goal – we only need 50 more mentors (give or take) to sign up!

If you’re an icouldbe.org mentor, would you spread the word to your friends and coworkers who may be looking for a convenient – and rewarding – way to give back to today’s youth? And if you’re not – well, what are you waiting for?

Happy Volunteer Week!

icouldbe.org is competing in the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge!

Here at icouldbe.org, we’re having an incredibly exciting (and busy!) spring. We’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks the various projects and partnerships in development, but right now we’re pleased to say we have been selected amongst 14 other organizations to participate in the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge!

Here’s how the Strategy Challenge works:

  • 15 nonprofit organizations from all over the country were selected by Morgan Stanley to participate in the challenge (including icouldbe.org!). Click here to see a full list of participants.
  • Now, over a period of 8 weeks, we get to sit down with a team of Morgan Stanley professionals to receive pro bono advice on growth, business strategy, and how we can fulfill our mission in more effective ways. This kind of advice and commitment is invaluable to a nonprofit!
  • But it gets more exciting – at the end of eight weeks, each organization will have the opportunity to present ideas developed from the strategic meetings and compete for cash grants!

We’re incredibly thankful to Morgan Stanley for giving icouldbe.org this opportunity. Their commitment will better help us reach our goal to double the amount of students we currently serve by the year 2014!

Stay tuned for our other updates here, or on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile.