How can volunteering just a few minutes of your time make a change?

Finding the time to make a positive impact is easier than most people think. Since time is such a limited resource for a lot of working professionals, many ask: how can I find the time to volunteer and give back?

While many think volunteering requires large amounts of time, giving back & making an impact can be as simple and convenient as committing one hour per week. There are dozens of organizations geared towards those of us who have busy schedules, can’t take time off of work or who need the weekends to recharge after a long week. Living in an increasingly digital world, there are plenty of ways to get involved that can make a positive impact on individuals all around the globe.

  • Get Social for Social Change: Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest allow people to help out with a simple click of a mouse. By “liking” a nonprofit page on Facebook you can help publicize an organization’s mission, spreading the word to the hundreds of people who see your newsfeed each day. You can even tag organizations in your own posts with a personalized message to friends asking them to get involved.
  • Play to your Strengths: Websites like Volunteer Match, Catch-A-Fire and Sparked pair people with social organizations that match a user’s profile preferences. These resources make finding the perfect match easier than ever, eliminating the daunting process of wading through group after group as you try to find the association that’s right for you.
  • Make a Difference with Time Online: is always looking for new mentors on all career trajectories and all we ask for is one hour per week per mentee – a manageable time commitment for even the busiest professional. Plus, with our online platform you can help an at-risk student from anywhere in the US gain important academic skills and guide them towards a successful future.
  • Be an Engine of Change: Search engines like GoodSearch offer donations to your nonprofit or school of choice. Every time you search, a penny is put towards your cause. Think about how often you use Google every single day and it becomes clear just how quickly donations can add up.

These are just a few examples of how digital tools can bring about definite, quantifiable change in just a few minutes to an hour. By taking advantage of the various online options available today, all you need to do is choose which give-back method works best for you. Sometimes, all it takes is one click.

Photo Credit: John Ward on Flicker's Creative Commons
Photo Credit: John Ward on Flicker’s Creative Commons