Student Quotes from the Start of the School Year!

Throughout the school year, students and mentors partner together to navigate the iCouldBe curriculum, journeying through the three missions: I AM, I COULD BE, and I WILL.

Many iCouldBe students have never experienced the benefits of a mentor before, so mentoring pairs begin by discussing role models and making a commitment to build their relationship. Here is what some students had to say as they started their iCouldBe journey…

“The new mentoring experience is something new to me because I’ve never tried/heard of an online mentoring program.  Since I got to know my mentor a little bit more, I now feel safe and Im actually glad I have a mentor.”

~ Mentee Jildardo89

“Starting a class for me is always fun and exciting because I get to make new friends and meet new people and have a fresh start. Starting a new class is similar to iCouldBe because i get to meet a new “teacher” and learn new things.”

~ Mentee Baubau911

“I’m not really nervous starting this new mentoring experience because I’m on a computer and it’s easier for me to interact.”

~ Mentee Jildardo89

“Starting a new class is an exciting experience for me. This new mentoring experience is extremely exciting due to the fact that I am going to learn about my future and how to get there.”

~ Mentee Dennis2015

We’re excited to kick-off the program and will share more student feedback as we continue through the 2014-2015 academic year!