A big thank you to Boloco and Magic Hat!

Earlier this week, icouldbe had the pleasure of attending a “Pairing is Caring” burrito/beer bash in Burlington, Vermont, where guests paired together varieties of Magic Hat beer and Boloco burritos to see which taste the best together. The best part (or at least we thought so!) is that all the proceeds went toward implementing icouldbe.org into a Vermont classroom! (Check out a great blog post on the event here.)

Boloco, which is an Inspired burritos restaurant based out of Boston with a location in Burlington, and Magic Hat, known for their innovative variety of brews, are two organizations that give a special focus to their local area. So when they heard that icouldbe was trying to bring online mentoring to students in a Vermont classroom, they didn’t hesitate to donate all of the events’ proceeds.

We are extremely grateful, and thrilled to be that much closer to working with Vermont students. In fact, you’ll hear more from us VERY soon about bringing the icouldbe program to more states all over the country.

Here are some photos from the event for you to see – REALLY tasty!

Ready for tasting!
The gang from Magic Hat

Happy burrito-eaters, beer-drinkers, and supporters of icouldbe.org!

All photo credit goes to Michael Hayes, from Magic Hat.

Through the Eyes of a Mentor

Here is a letter from one of icouldbe’s valued mentors, Darren – he talks about his first days as a mentor, his first connections with students, and what the experience has brought him in nearly two years of being an icouldbe mentor.

January 1st 2009 – It was the first day of the New Year, and one of my New Year resolutions was to get more involved in community service and volunteering.  I had always had a desire to volunteer for a non-profit organization, but with my hectic work and travel schedule, it was difficult to physically go somewhere and volunteer locally.  But the New Year gave me the determination to find something that not only fit with my schedule, but also really enabled me to make a difference in someone’s life.

I searched and searched and searched, but I just couldn’t find something that was a good fit.  Finally, I was somehow lucky enough to stumble upon icouldbe.org, an organization that provides a platform for e-Mentoring.  The opportunity seemed too good to be true – the entire program was run online!  That meant I could mentor up to five students – whether I was at home, at work, or traveling.  I went straight to the website, www.icouldbe.org, to understand more about the organization.  The website was full of data and research about the success of e-Mentoring, and I was impressed by the scale of curriculum and programs offered.  It was easy to sign-up, and before I knew it I was an e-mentor.

At first I was a little skeptical about the program and my role as a mentor:  Would I even get picked by any students to be a mentor?  Would the students take time to chat with me?  Would I be able to help them complete their assignments?…

The answer to each of my questions turned out to be a resounding “Yes!” Immediately after creating my personal profile, three students asked me to be their mentor.  And after shooting them an introductory email, each of them wrote back to me, told me where they stood in the college application process, and began asking me questions about their career interests.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find an online community of other mentors and students actively engaged in message boards and forums, giving tips to other members and providing group advice to students.

One of the reasons I love mentoring for icouldbe.org is because of how fulfilling I find it.  By the time the summer of 2009 arrived, two of my mentees had graduated from high school and were about to start their college adventures.  Before they left, I received messages from them thanking me for my advice on their career interests and college application process.  My other mentee was a Junior in high school, but actually asked if I could continue communication throughout the summer.  I cannot tell you how touched I was by this simple act – knowing that I had made a strong relationship with a student and that she appreciated my time and advice.

I have continued to volunteer for icouldbe.org since that time, and look forward to the start of another school year.  With August being “National Back to School Month” I highly recommend signing up now to be a mentor with icouldbe.org.  Students will be back in school soon, and I know they will truly appreciate your time, advice, and relationship.


August is National Back to School Month

It’s that bittersweet time of year again – warm summer days, with the promise of fall, and a new school year soon to come.

We’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming school year – and soon will have something really exciting to announce that will impact schools all over the country.

What does August bring for you? Are you preparing to go back to school – or have family members who are? Or maybe you’re shopping for pencils, backpacks and notebooks for your school-bound kids. Perhaps you’re starting a new volunteering effort? Either way, the autumn season usually marks a time of change for many of us.

What changes will you be making this school year?