What our mentee’s are saying as they complete the iCouldBe curriculum

NewsletterImgIn the last quest of the curriculum, mentees and mentors discuss the basics of working and how to get a job. Mentoring teams practice networking and interview skills. Mentees review resumes and cover letters. Mentees also envision their futures at 21 years old. Below are some responses from our fabulous mentees:

“When I’m 21 years old, I visualize myself working part/ full time and going to college. I think I’d rather work part time so that I can be involved in other important groups in my community and be a full time student so that I could finish college fast. [My mentor] has helped me so much with encouraging words.”

~ Mentee extrawdinarie

“I think doing a cover letter surprised me. I didn’t really know what a cover letter was but now I do so it’s all good. I think I finally set what I want to do for a living. Before I was just going back and forth between what I wanted to do but now I just really want to be a doctor. I will not let anything get in my way of trying to be what I want to be. I narrowed down what type of doctor I want to be. I want to be a Neurosurgeon.”

~ Mentee futbol24

“I finally realized that choosing to become a speech pathologist would be suitable for me because it includes all of the different things I enjoy. I enjoy working with kids, I love teaching others, I have a variety of working atmospheres, and I love working with kids who have autism.”

“I really appreciate all that you have done for me. [My Mentor] has been a true blessing in getting my school life back on track and being a friend and supporting me when I was first starting out. I seriously appreciate all that you’ve done and I hope you will enjoy working with other students. You have been a true mentor and friend to me. Thank you.”

~ Mentee friendzz