Free Webinar! will be hosting a free webinar on September 15 at 2pm EST with to introduce a new program called iSucceed. For those of you that are interested in reversing the dropout crisis and increasing student access to college – especially for low-income and at-risk students – you will want to attend this webinar!

iSucceed is a new educational initiative that convenes local stakeholders in a community-wide effort to help all students succeed. The webinar will introduce this initiative, and provide a strategic framework that can be implemented locally, regionally or at a statewide level to engage the public, private and government sectors.

The goal is to address the enormous challenge of providing the support young adults need to create a self-sustaining and meaningful place in the world.

Who should attend:

  • Corporate leaders, social responsibility and giving officers, and volunteer program directors
  • District School Superintendents
  • Middle and High School principals, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators
  • Local business chamber and business roundtable members
  • Workforce development and workforce investment board members
  • Local and state government leaders

To learn more and register for the free webinar, visit us at

A little bit of change goes a long way…

There are some big things brewing at! We’re getting really excited to kick-off a campaign next month that will bring online mentoring to students all over the country – and we’ll fill you in on the details soon. First, however, we thought we could get a head start.

We need YOUR help!

Maybe you have a supportive community at church, or a spirited school that holds monthly fundraisers. Maybe you belong to a fraternity or sorority, or work in a large office that has a community bulletin board.

Tell your community about icouldbe! Spread the word about online mentoring, and how mentors can help disadvantaged students graduate, go to college, and go on to careers.  You could be an important part of our upcoming campaign – maybe raising $100, $200, even $500 (or more)!

Here are a few small ideas to raise money in your community:

  • Put out a coffee can for donations at your school, your church, your work – and don’t forget to tell people why online mentoring is important. (Here’s a reminder!)
  • Clean out your house and host an end-of-summer yard sale – then donate the proceeds.
  • It’s still hot out there! Sell some lemonade with the kids.
  • If there is a local upcoming event in your area, suggest that the benefits be donated – similar to this event from last month!

Any other ideas? If you are interested in finding out more about helping icouldbe, email Alicia at Even if you can’t make a donation, spread around this blog post to your community – we really appreciate you taking the time to read our blog.