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icouldbe.org Executive Director speaks out on STEM in the Huffington Post!

We’re excited to announce that our executive director Kate Schrauth penned an article for Huffington Post Science titled “Mentoring the Next Generation towards STEM careers” – you can read it here.

An excerpt from her article:

“It’s inspiring and encouraging when these relationships form and students grow beyond the classroom, beyond graduation, to a life of promise and success. But we can do more. We can build a nationwide, unified effort to encourage more women and minorities to pursue STEM careers.”

Let us know your comments and thoughts on the article! And please share it with your friends and coworkers – especially those in STEM careers who might be able to pass on their knowledge through the power of mentoring.


Mentors in the Armed Forces

When Memorial Day arrives each year, we honor those in the armed services and think about people we know who dedicate their time and lives to their country. Here at icouldbe.org, we send a special thank you to these members of the armed forces.

We would also like to take the time to recognize 40 of our mentors who represent various branches of the armed services, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and the Marines. Together these mentors have dedicated over 638 hours of service in the icouldbe program.

These mentors are able to provide a unique viewpoint from their experiences, and offer students advice and feedback about many different career options within the military, as well as personal goals they may have. One icouldbe mentor in the Army offered this advice to her mentee:

“Remember that within the military many people have experienced many different things. Some people deploy to war, some don’t. Some get promoted on time, some get promoted later. Some succeed quickly and some leave the military after a few years. Your military career will be what you make of it.”

So here’s a thank you to those exceptional mentors – and an invitation to anyone in the armed services looking to mentor young students and share their experiences and expertise.