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icouldbe a president

Today’s holiday honors past presidents who have led our country, as well as the February birthdays of America’s Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

In addition to looking at the leaders of our past, President’s Day is a time to look towards the future. Students today have their entire lives ahead of them, and will be sure to change their minds many times about their dreams and goals – whether they want to be the President of the United States, the president of their own business, a chef, an artist, a community leader, a teacher or whatever it may be that lights them up inside.

Mentoring a student can provide guidance and direction, and introduce opportunities that those students might not otherwise become aware of. At icouldbe.org, students can choose their own mentors – mentors who have professions in the career that they are interested in pursuing. This caring support is invaluable to a young person as they explore their potential career passions.

All students deserve and need us to guide them through their high school years.  If we don’t and we allow even one student to fail, who will that student be?  They might very well be the next poet laureate, inventor, entrepreneur, or maybe the doctor who will cure cancer.  On this President’s Day let’s celebrate the potential for all of our young people.  Mentoring through icouldbe.org only requires a commitment of one hour per week – but the effects of that commitment are life lasting. This President’s Day, celebrate by becoming a mentor, or telling your local school about the program. Imagine saying that you mentored a president!

“I didn’t want to go to college, my grades were good, but no one from my family had been – my mentor helped me apply and get into a college, and I got a scholarship…I would never be here if it wasn’t for him.”- From a participating icouldbe student