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Mentors Needed!

The school year is fast approaching, and we are quickly lining up more schools to participate in icouldbe. More schools mean more students – and more students mean that we need more mentors!

One of the really unique things about icouldbe is that our students get to find mentors in industries that interest them. icouldbe.org welcomes all new mentors who can dedicate at least an hour a week to a mentee. There are a few industries, however, from which we’d especially like to recruit new mentors:

  • Health sciences and the medical field – especially nurses, physician’s assistants, dentists, and dental assistants
  • Computers and Information Technology – especially game designers
  • Culinary Arts, restaurant and hospitality professionals
  • Architecture, Design & Urban Planning
  • Oceanography, Marine Sciences and Marine Biology
  • Government, Public Administration and politics (both local and national) – especially law enforcement
  • Creative Arts

Are you a professional in any of these industries? We’d love for you to join icouldbe.org and share your knowledge with our students… many of whom have no idea that they could grow up and become a successful restaurant manager, biologist or game designer. You can give them the confidence and support they need to realize that anything is possible!

Find out more about becoming a mentor here.