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Make this Sunday a FUNDay with Dad!

Father’s day is upon us and it seems like every year we get our dads a card they may misplace or a gift they’ll never use. This year, why not make it a Father’s Day he’ll never forget (and neither will you)!

Why not put together a fun and simple fundraising event with Dad?

Raising money for charity or putting together an event can seem like daunting tasks but really, they can be easy – especially when a cause inspires you (or Dad!).

We’ve put together a list of fundraising activities you can do with your dad this Father’s Day to raise money for your favorite cause (or at any time during the year):

  • Car Wash – Ask dad for help on this one. Post up signs around the neighborhood and raise money for Dad’s favorite charity.
  • Bottle Drive – Get dad out of the house and get together for a bottle drive. Make sure to let your community know ahead of time that you and your dad will be going around to collect bottles to donate to a good cause.
  • Bike Race – Get the entire family involved for this one! Have everyone sponsor himself or herself and the winner can choose the charity that will receive the winnings!
  • Dog Wash – Anyone who owns a dog will love this one. Get together with your Dad and wash your neighbors dogs for a small donation to your non-profit.
  • Garage Sale – Finish up some of that Spring Cleaning (you forgot to do). Use the items you think would be “sellers,” break out the lawn chairs and enjoy a nice day outside with dad all while raising money for a good cause
  • Yard Work – Grab Dad and go around the neighborhood to see if anyone would like to make a small donation in exchange for your services in cleaning up their yard. Another option is to do yard work for your Dad, and see if he’ll make a small donation in exchange for your time and effort.

Now you need to find a cause that inspires you. If you can’t think of one, we’d love to suggest supporting a local mentoring program for your community. As you know, we launched the 50 State Campaign earlier this year to bring awareness to the significant impact mentoring has to hinder the nearly 30% of students that drop out of high school each year nationwide – and to find a way for every state to bring a mentoring program to its’ communities.

We could use your help to bring online mentoring to students in each state – what better way to do that than to raise money with Dad this Father’s Day?

If you’re looking for another way to give back (or if Dad is), check out what it’s like to be an online mentor at icouldbe.org. It’s flexible and it only takes about an hour of your time each week.


Volunteerism – Tis’ the Season!

The holidays are a great time to volunteer and give to your favorite charity. However, many people don’t have the means or time to give in the meaningful way they’d like.

Icouldbe.org gives you the opportunity to give a meaningful gift of learning all year…and it’s easy!  Our online mentoring requires about an hour per week, so you can give the gift of insight and knowledge all year, anytime, from your home or office, to a child who needs to learn about all the possibilities for their education and career, possibilities they never knew existed before your becoming their mentor.

What better gift to give this holiday season than making a connection with a child and guiding them towards their dreams for the future? Visit http://www.icouldbe.org http://www.icouldbe.org to learn more about becoming a mentor.