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This ‘Thank You’ means the most of all

During the 2011-2012 school year, there were a few classrooms of students that went above and beyond with their work in the icouldbe.org curriculum.

Below is a photo of one of these classrooms. These students on average completed over 26 activities in the curriculum, and truly showed dedication and hard work to complete the units, work with their mentors and get the most out of the program. We absolutely love to see these students take advantage of what icouldbe.org has to offer!

Here’s what one mentee had to say about his work with the program:

“The online mentoring program icouldbe.org has been a great help to me because all the units have shown me something I didn’t know. I especially learned from the unit that deals with money. This unit showed me how loans work and how to manage a credit card if I even choose to get one. My mentor was a great help in giving me advice and establishing my future goals. icouldbe.org is a well rounded online mentoring program that I enjoyed being a part of.” 

We decided to thank this classroom of students with a celebratory pizza party – and here’s how they thanked their mentors and icouldbe.org in return!

There’s nothing like a giant Thank You to help you remember that these students are the reason we do what we do. (And there’s nothing like a good slice of pizza, either.)

We need your votes!

Remember a few weeks ago, when we posted about our partnership with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a new eMentoring program for Aboriginal youth?

Well, that very same program has been selected as 1 of 16 finalists for the Changemakers Initiative: Inspiring Approaches to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Learning.

The most exciting part is that the awards are given based on community opinion. This means that voting determines who receive the awards. This is an great way to involve the public and have them acknowledge amazing work in their community.

Please show your support by voting online for eMentoring BEFORE March 21, 2012.

Also, please spread the word to your co-workers, friends, family and your social networks. We hope you take this opportunity to help icouldbe.org and UBC achieve another eMentoring milestone!

TO VOTE, simply:

–          Visit: http://www.changemakers.com/fnmi-learning/finalists#tab-section

–          Scroll down to find “Aboriginal eMentoring BC” in the list of 16 finalists and click on the checkmark

–          You will be asked to create an account by filling in some basic info OR by signing in via your Facebook account (both are quick and easy)

–          If you create an account, you will get an email requesting you to confirm your vote by clicking on a URL

Please also pass on this message and post the voting link on your Twitter or Facebook: http://www.changemakers.com/fnmi-learning


Aboriginal Students Embark on eMentoring Personal Quest

Here at icouldbe.org, we’re excited to watch one of our new mentoring partnerships unfold with the University of British Columbia (UBC). Funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, and through the use of our own online platform, Aboriginal students in British Columbia (BC) are being paired right now with online mentors!

The UBC Faculty of Medicine, UBC eHealth Strategy Office, and a handful of BC school districts and First Nations communities are working together to connect university students with young aboriginal students in the province.

Aboriginal youth are significantly underrepresented in post-secondary education, especially in fields of health science. This eMentoring program aims to increase representation by supporting young aboriginal students to develop mentoring relationships with university students currently pursuing careers in health. This online mentoring relationship gives these youth someone to turn to, ask questions of, and gain an understanding about a health-related school choices and potential career options. Mentors can support discussions related to future challenges and opportunities such as time management and exploring post-secondary opportunities as well as provide positive role modeling for Aboriginal youth. The program will target grades 6-12 to allowing students to consider their aspirations early and ensure that students will have the potential to pursue their academic and career plans as they graduate from high school.

Not only will all mentoring take place online, but the program also boasts some changes from icouldbe.org’s traditional curriculum to accommodate Aboriginal culture, beliefs and traditions. The adapted curriculum is called an eMentoring Personal Quest (pictured below) and is divided into nine units, starting with first impressions and online safety and finishing with the transition to post-secondary education. Along the way, mentors will help their mentees gain the necessary confidence and skills to pursue a degree after high school.

Program funding began in April 2010, the online platform went live this past September, and the project has been full speed ahead since November, already well on its way to surpass a goal to recruit 50 mentors and 100 mentees. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work in such a unique partnership and broaden our own knowledge of mentoring within different communities and cultures!

Mentor Spotlight: Carolyn R.

I am relishing this experience of getting to work with my three students. I have a lot of respect for them, and how much effort they put into the the curriculum.

Here is what I love about e-mentoring:

Getting to work as a mentor takes me back to my own years in high school, and it reminds me of all of the curiosity and hope that I had about fitting into the world. Right along with the idealism, I recall my own powerful feelings of uncertainty at that time in my life. What I would have given to have an adult friend validating the path I was on.  As a therapist, I often hear clients’ stories about a lost dream in their lives. How vulnerable our dreams are to any impressions of doubt, when we are first creating them and saying them out loud. And then, of course, how incredibly exciting it is to hear a supportive adult say, “Why not?”

I think icouldbe mentoring should be a standard part of the curriculum in all of our nation’s high schools. I am thrilled and proud to be a part of the program.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What is the impact of the U.S. Dropout Crisis?

We’ve put together an infographic with a collection of data and statistics on our country’s dropout crisis. Many people know that the U.S. educational system is in big trouble, but they don’t know the exact implications of this crisis on our students, our economy or our society.

What do you think? Do these facts surprise you?

Many high school dropouts cite the lack of adult connection and relevant ‘real world’ learning as reasons for quitting school. At icouldbe.org we provide middle and high school students with online mentors who can guide them through a structured curriculum that includes career and college planning, financial literacy and community service. These mentors are also there for students for constant and open dialogue when they need help with schoolwork or just someone to talk to for advice.

To learn more about icouldbe.org or find out about becoming a mentor, partner school or corporate partner, visit our website.

Welcome back students and mentors!

Fall is in the air, and students are back in the classrooms; otherwise known as our favorite time of the year here at icouldbe.org! We’d like to offer a big welcome back to students and mentors, both those that are returning and those that are new this year.

We already have 600 students registered so far this year, and another 1,200 will be registering in the coming weeks.   For the 2011-2012 school year, our goal is to serve 2,500 students.

We couldn’t be more pleased to sign up so many students for the icouldbe.org program. This means more students will receive one-on-one attention from an adult mentor, who can give them help with their studies and offer support as they begin to dream up all the possibilities available to them after high school graduation – all through our online program.

All these new students mean we have a need for more mentors. So we’re putting out a call-to-action to all of YOU to sign up to become an online mentor!

In case you’re not sure what being an icouldbe.org mentor entails, here are some quick facts:

  • Mentoring is carried out completely online. Mentors work with students through a series of online activity modules for the duration of the school year, as students progress through the icouldbe.org curriculum.
  • Mentors communicate with students using icouldbe.org’s activities, email system and discussion boards.
  • Mentors are paired with students who have an interest in their career field.
  • Mentors only need to commit one hour per week, per mentee. You can mentor anywhere you have access to a computer, whether it be at home, at work or on your daily commute!

We’re currently in need of mentors in a few specific career fields: Health Services, Media Communications and Engineering. However, we are always accepting mentors in every occupation!

Please head to our website for more information if you are interested in becoming a mentor. We are also preparing to set up several webinars in the coming weeks to educate more on online mentoring. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email Michelle Derosier for more information.

You could make a huge difference in a young person’s life – all through a convenient, easy-to-use online program. We hope to hear from many of you soon! Many thanks to all of our supporters and mentors!

Photo credits:
Computer in photo class. August 26, 2010 Lauren Coleman on Flickr.com Creative Commons

Wrapping up the 2009-2010 school year… and looking forward

With June comes the end of the school year, when we take a look and measure the success of the icouldbe program within its schools. This year we saw growth around 25% in the number of students served!

Within the icouldbe curriculum, students have shown impressive progress throughout the year.

·     In the Core Units, completion increased 63%

·     In Prerequisite Units, completion increased 52.5%

·     In Electives completion increased 25%

The active curricular engagement between mentors and mentees this year surpasses anything we’ve seen in any previous year.

The students aren’t the only ones who wowed us this school year. Our mentors, in a year with a higher volume of activity work than ever before, increased their average course room posts by 50%!

With the growth of the icouldbe program, we look to the future with excitement – and the acknowledgement that this growth will require even more support of our large mentee population. More mentors are needed for next year, and we will be working hard to effectively train, recognize and retain our wonderful mentors for years to come.