2015-2016 Year in Review

Below are a few highlights that capture the high quality work iCouldBe Mentees did this year thanks to the amazing support and dedication our iCouldBe mentors.

Over 2,220 Mentees Served!




Mentees are Saying…

…what they have learned this year with support from their mentors!

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International Adventures!

iCouldBe in Vancouver, Canada!

We are partnering with SAP to develop a multi-year mentoring curriculum! Our COO Wendy and Program Director, Michelle traveled to Vancouver Canada to join SAP’s Jennifer Carreiro (center) to kick-off the pilot and train participating teachers and mentors.

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iCouldBe’s Recent DataKind Meet-up

We’re excited to be in the final stages of our DataCorps project with Datakind, where a team of incredible volunteer data scientists have helped build significance ranking, cluster modeling, text sentiment analysis, and topic modeling tools to help iCouldBe better understand and improve mentee engagement and success.

We had the chance to share our initial findings in February at DataKind’s first Meet-Up of 2016 sponsored by AT&T Aspire where our COO Wendy Siegelman presented with a panel of data science volunteers, on Defining Successful Mentoring Relationships. We will share more of our findings as we wrap up the work with our DataKind team this summer, and we’ll keep you posted as we launch into the next phase of evolving our data science tools and findings.

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We’re off to a busy 2016!

2016 National Mentoring Summit in DC

The 2016 National Mentoring Summit in Washington DC was a success! Our Executive Director Kate Schrauth and COO Wendy Siegelman along with Minchau “MC” Dinh, the co-founder and Chapter leader for DataKind DC presented our research from a 2015 project at the workshop, “What Makes Mentoring Relationships Successful? The Answer was in our Data.”

There was a great turn out at the workshop with insightful questions and dialogue about using data analysis to improve mentoring relationships. Kate, Wendy and Program Director Michelle Derosier, met many inspiring leaders in the mentoring field and we are excited to explore new partnerships!

Linked Learning Convention in San Diego

We are also proud to announce, our curriculum developer Madeline Giscombe participated on a panel in February at the Linked Learning Convention in San Diego!

Linked Learning integrates academics with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences, and aligns with iCouldBe’s mission to provide at risk students with a community of professional mentors, empowering teens to stay in school, plan for future careers, and achieve in life.

Madeline and partners from SAP, Skyline High School, Career Ladders Project, and Berkeley City College and other educational organizations presented how iCouldBe’s gamified mentoring program helps develop the next generation virtual and STEAM workforce.

We look forward to continuing discussions with the wonderful panelists and partners  from the Linked Learning Convention, expert practitioners, researchers, and corporate supporters from the National Mentoring Summit and the engaged audience members from both as we continue creating meaningful learning and real-world experiences for our youth!

iCouldBe Proud to Partner with AT&T


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When a mentor connects with a mentee, both lives are changed for the better. That’s why we’ve collaborated with AT&T and their employees to providing mentoring to students through Aspire Mentoring Academy, a part of AT&T Aspire.

We congratulate AT&T employees for reaching an impressive milestone of providing 1 million hours of mentoring to students who need it most. With the launch of Aspire Mentoring Academy in the fall of 2012, they set a goal to mentor 1 million hours by the end of 2016.

Reaching this milestone nearly 1 year early is a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of AT&T employees. We are excited to continue our work with them to close the mentoring gap and help students succeed in school and beyond.

Since iCouldBe has partnered with AT&T in 2013, we have served over 1,300 mentees! 

What our mentee’s are saying as they complete the iCouldBe curriculum

NewsletterImgIn the last quest of the curriculum, mentees and mentors discuss the basics of working and how to get a job. Mentoring teams practice networking and interview skills. Mentees review resumes and cover letters. Mentees also envision their futures at 21 years old. Below are some responses from our fabulous mentees:

“When I’m 21 years old, I visualize myself working part/ full time and going to college. I think I’d rather work part time so that I can be involved in other important groups in my community and be a full time student so that I could finish college fast. [My mentor] has helped me so much with encouraging words.”

~ Mentee extrawdinarie

“I think doing a cover letter surprised me. I didn’t really know what a cover letter was but now I do so it’s all good. I think I finally set what I want to do for a living. Before I was just going back and forth between what I wanted to do but now I just really want to be a doctor. I will not let anything get in my way of trying to be what I want to be. I narrowed down what type of doctor I want to be. I want to be a Neurosurgeon.”

~ Mentee futbol24

“I finally realized that choosing to become a speech pathologist would be suitable for me because it includes all of the different things I enjoy. I enjoy working with kids, I love teaching others, I have a variety of working atmospheres, and I love working with kids who have autism.”

“I really appreciate all that you have done for me. [My Mentor] has been a true blessing in getting my school life back on track and being a friend and supporting me when I was first starting out. I seriously appreciate all that you’ve done and I hope you will enjoy working with other students. You have been a true mentor and friend to me. Thank you.”

~ Mentee friendzz