CA Conference Update

SeanIn early March, Program Manager Sean McNamara spoke at the Educating for Careers Conference in Sacramento, CA, attended by teachers and administrators from the California Partnership Academies. Many iCouldBe classrooms are a part of these academies, so in addition to the opportunity to spread the word about online mentoring, Sean had the privilege of meeting many of our iCouldBe teachers in person and to visit some iCouldBe classrooms to check in with the students. The mentees sang the praises of their mentors!

It is extremely inspiring for iCouldBe to engage with and learn from the students and teachers. During Sean’s classroom visits he saw first-hand how much is happening in the mentee’s lives and the distractions that can potentially occur both outside and inside the classroom. Although our mentors can not see the mentees, your support is incredibly valuable  in helping mentees learn how to focus their energy and build their skill sets, starting with focusing in class on the iCouldBe program. Thank you to our teachers and mentors for all you do to make a difference in the lives of the iCouldBe students!


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