Mentor spotlight: Megan R.

I absolutely love and have been honored to work with some amazing kiddos. My role as an mentor is intended to encourage at-risk youth through career and college exploration, but I have unexpectedly benefited much more than any of my students.

I have grown tremendously as a person by seeing the growth of my mentees as they work though the curriculum and develop perseverance and clear goals.  I will admit that some mentees can be challenging at first, but watching their mindset transition from apathetic to dynamic is the most rewarding aspect of this program.  I personally am thankful to have been connected to over a dozen wonderful students, most all who are interested in the medical industry.

As a Neurophysiologist, I am excited to offer practical guidance to motivated students with hopes to pursue their lofty dreams of Graduate or Medical school, even if they don’t initially think it’s possible. Guiding mentees one step at a time through tough choices is thrilling, and promoting pro-activity while they explore their career options allows them to pursue a track that is both realistic and achievable. Seeing the students feel solidly prepared to face those challenging decisions ahead of them is uplifting, and I thank  for including me in their wonderful program!

-Megan R., Dallas, TX


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