Mentor Spotlight: Matthew H.

It is my goal to inspire, encourage, and guide young men and women towards the future they want for themselves, regardless of where they come from. I love reading about what gets my mentee excited, it helps me gently guide them towards their passion, or even help them discover they have a passion. The feeling I get when I know I’ve genuinely helped a mentee (or anybody for that matter) really helps me appreciate my own life even more. Watching a timid, unsure young person grow to make firm, confident decisions is rewarding beyond words. It’s a feeling that every human should experience; if you aren’t helping someone now, what’s holding you back?

Thanks for this opportunity, getting involved with this program was not about recognition, it was an attempt to better myself through the action of helping others. Thanks again, for this amazing program!

One response to “Mentor Spotlight: Matthew H.

  1. Its fantastic to hear from somebody who is so passionate about making a difference to other peoples life’s

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