icouldbe.org to be featured in a Groupon fundraising campaign!

We are excited to announce that Groupon, the popular daily deals and discounts site, has selected icouldbe.org for a fundraising campaign! The campaign will run from Tuesday, November 1st to Thursday, November 3rd.

Groupon’s philanthropic arm G-Team is a community outreach initiative within Groupon that brings communities together to do good, have fun, and make an impact. G-Team has been working in New York City to help mission-driven organizations like ours raise money and raise awareness, channeling the collective buying power of Groupon followers and our local supporters.

Our campaign will run in New York City beginning Tuesday, November 1st through Thursday. November 3rd. Our goal is to raise $650 to complete our fundraising goal in New York and bring our mentoring program to a New York City high school classroom in need. Any additional funds raised will go towards an additional classroom.

Stay tuned next week for another post on our blog (and look for posts on Facebook and Twitter, too) with more information and a link to the live fundraising campaign. We hope that you and others choose to CLICK and donate $10 or more to help bring an online mentoring program to a New York City high school classroom in need.

Thank you to all who are able to donate or share this offer with your network of friends and family!


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