[INFOGRAPHIC] What is the impact of the U.S. Dropout Crisis?

We’ve put together an infographic with a collection of data and statistics on our country’s dropout crisis. Many people know that the U.S. educational system is in big trouble, but they don’t know the exact implications of this crisis on our students, our economy or our society.

What do you think? Do these facts surprise you?

Many high school dropouts cite the lack of adult connection and relevant ‘real world’ learning as reasons for quitting school. At icouldbe.org we provide middle and high school students with online mentors who can guide them through a structured curriculum that includes career and college planning, financial literacy and community service. These mentors are also there for students for constant and open dialogue when they need help with schoolwork or just someone to talk to for advice.

To learn more about icouldbe.org or find out about becoming a mentor, partner school or corporate partner, visit our website.


One response to “[INFOGRAPHIC] What is the impact of the U.S. Dropout Crisis?

  1. That is an unfortunate truth regarding our education. I work in the realm of higher education, and those statistics certainly impact the population of college-bound students.

    Either way, mentoring is needed across the entire educational spectrum. I think it would certainly be impactful for for the 30% that don’t graduate to be mentored by a current college student.

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