Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

New matching commitment will close our NY campaign!

We’re excited to announce that a commitment from Meredith Grauer, one of icouldbe.org’s newest board members, will match the remaining donations for the state of New York in our 50 State Campaign.

That means we only need to raise a little over $500 to reach NY’s goal of $8,000 – the cost of implementing a new mentoring program in a classroom.

We can’t thank Meredith enough for her generous matching commitment. Meredith, who is an attorney working at Deutsche Bank in New York, first discovered icouldbe.org through a friend from Youth,INC,  She immediately loved icouldbe.org’s online model for mentoring, and looked for ways to become involved, including becoming a mentor – which she will begin this September when more than 2,500 students begin the icouldbe.org mentoring program at their schools.

Meredith shared with us that she had participated in other mentoring programs in the past, but none with an online component; she sees it as a way to expand opportunities to reach students, many of whom are more comfortable meeting in an online environment (as are many mentors). Meredith believes that “education underlines everything,” but since opportunities are so different for everyone, a mentoring program like icouldbe can help fill in the gaps where students may need more support, advice, or help exploring career and education goals.

After Meredith found out about icouldbe.org’s mission and program, she realized that the 50 State Campaign would be a great way to get involved in fundraising for the cause. With a little less than $1300 to be raised, she committed to matching the remainder of donations needed until her home state, NY, completed its fundraising goal.

If you’re from New York, please join Meredith in bringing the state to its goal of $8,000 – NY could be the first state in the country to raise funds for a new mentoring program!