Pledge from icouldbe board member to match New Jersey donations!

We’re thrilled to announce that Jeff Valentine, a board member at and a 50 State Campaign Champion in New Jersey, has pledged to match all donations made to the Campaign for his state.   As soon as New Jersey reaches $4,000 toward the $8,000 goal to bring to a school in need, Jeff will match that amount and the voting for the winning school can begin!

This means that New Jersey could be the very first state to implement our online mentoring program into one of it’s schools through the 50 State Campaign. The great part is that you, the public, get to vote for which New Jersey school receives the program.

Currently, New Jersey, Georgia and Vermont are in a heated competition in the race to be first to raise $8,000 for a mentoring program in their state. Check out our campaign map to see where your state is in the race.

If you are from New Jersey, make your donation today and spread the word!  New Jersey is quickly on its way to getting a mentoring program, but we need your help first!

If you live in another state and want your community to be the first to reach the goal, contact us today and we can help.  Contact Jeremy Weinstein at to learn how.

A huge thank you to Jeff Valentine for providing his generous support to, and moving our campaign ahead in such a positive direction!


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