Donate $1 (or more) to our 50 State Campaign to bring to every state in the country, and you could win one of these fun prizes!







Last week we introduced a contest to win Lake Champlain Valentine’s Day Chocolates. (By the way, there’s still time to enter to win this gift – a value of $50.) All you have to do is go to our campaign site and donate just a $1 to your state to be entered to win. If you donate $2, we’ll enter you twice – and upwards, to a maximum of 100 entries for only a $100 tax-deductible donation.

We will continue giving away some really great prizes that have been donated by a few really generous companies. Here’s a list of products we’ll be offering for giveaways in the coming weeks:

Each week, we will choose one random winner from the pool of donors to our 50 State Campaign.

Keep checking back to our blog, because we’ll continue to add great prizes that you could win with only a $1 donation!

Where is your donation going? When you make a donation to your state through our 50 State Campaign, you are helping us that much closer to bringing’s online mentoring program to kids in need right in your home state. Each state only needs to raise $8,000 to bring into the lives of kids who need caring adults in their lives. When your state raises the $8,000, you get to vote for the school you thinks deserves the program most.

Online mentoring can work to decrease the nation’s dropout rate – and we know there are schools in every state that need our program. Won’t you make a donation today?


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