Rusty DeWees: Who was your mentor?

Throughout Mentoring Month, we will be posting a few stories from notable people around the country, whose lives have been influenced by mentors, or who have mentored others. Our first post comes from Rusty DeWees, also known as “The Logger,” a New England-area comedian, director, producer… and a multitude of other things.

Rusty with a big fan of his show (photo courtesy of

From Rusty DeWees:

January is National Mentoring Month. So hear this.

I mentored a fella starting when he was twelve, through his senior year. His school had a mentoring program that called for students to hang out and shadow someone in the workplace and learn about their job. When the program ended, Nick and I kept meeting once a week, often more, and we kept hanging out until he graduated and left town for college. We’re still in touch.

I can tell you, I’m an actor, and Nick hung with me on sets, at radio and television studios, in deal-negotiating meetings, and at my live stage shows. He ended up being House Manager for my stage shows quite a few times. Nick is presently in New York City having a good deal of success striking out as a writer and filmmaker. Seems like Nick and my time hanging might have at the least pointed him somewhere in the direction toward what he might end up being interested in and involved with through the rest of his life.

Nick came from a solid family with parents full of strong ideals and attitudes, so time with him wasn’t spent presenting the simple fundamentals of life; time with Nick was spent simply being friends.

If I may wholeheartedly choose to use a cliché – I learned more from Nick then Nick learned from me … I’d bet the farm on that.

When folks volunteer they often end up saying something like “It makes me feel good about myself, like I’ve contributed something.” I’m not into that, I did not offer time mentoring so I could feel good about myself. I offered my time mentoring because … well, connection is key. Turns out too that I’ve had some of the best times of my life mentoring.


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