Launching our Nationwide Campaign: Bringing Mentoring to all 50 States! is very excited to introduce the start of our new campaign—we’ve been hinting about for a while, but we are now ready to launch!

Through this campaign, we will be attempting to bring online mentoring to all 50 states across the US. The goal is to have each state raise at least $8,000 – the cost of bringing the icouldbe program to a classroom – so that we can integrate mentoring into one school (or more!) within each state.

Here’s how it will work:

  • You can log onto the campaign’s page at and then select the state where you would like to make a donation and nominate a school.
  • Nominate a school that you think needs a mentoring program the most.
  • Once the goal of $8,000 has been raised, the top three nominated schools in each state will be presented for a final round of voting to determine the winning school!

It has been proven that online mentoring will improve a student’s self-efficacy, as well as build valuable relationships with mentors, which helps them to stay in school. Help us get the program integrated across the country to ensure that more students can have this opportunity!

Here’s how you can help us to spread the word:

  1. Visit to track the progress in your state, nominate a school and make a donation!
  2. Get the Campaign Widget for your blog or website
  3. Tweet about the campaign:
  • Use hashtag #mentor50 for the campaign
  • Use #mentorNY to tweet about your own state! (Or #mentorVT, #mentorCA… you get the idea)
  • Don’t forget to retweet @icouldbeorg!

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