A big thank you to Boloco and Magic Hat!

Earlier this week, icouldbe had the pleasure of attending a “Pairing is Caring” burrito/beer bash in Burlington, Vermont, where guests paired together varieties of Magic Hat beer and Boloco burritos to see which taste the best together. The best part (or at least we thought so!) is that all the proceeds went toward implementing icouldbe.org into a Vermont classroom! (Check out a great blog post on the event here.)

Boloco, which is an Inspired burritos restaurant based out of Boston with a location in Burlington, and Magic Hat, known for their innovative variety of brews, are two organizations that give a special focus to their local area. So when they heard that icouldbe was trying to bring online mentoring to students in a Vermont classroom, they didn’t hesitate to donate all of the events’ proceeds.

We are extremely grateful, and thrilled to be that much closer to working with Vermont students. In fact, you’ll hear more from us VERY soon about bringing the icouldbe program to more states all over the country.

Here are some photos from the event for you to see – REALLY tasty!

Ready for tasting!

The gang from Magic Hat

Happy burrito-eaters, beer-drinkers, and supporters of icouldbe.org!

All photo credit goes to Michael Hayes, from Magic Hat.


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