Wrapping up the 2009-2010 school year… and looking forward

With June comes the end of the school year, when we take a look and measure the success of the icouldbe program within its schools. This year we saw growth around 25% in the number of students served!

Within the icouldbe curriculum, students have shown impressive progress throughout the year.

·     In the Core Units, completion increased 63%

·     In Prerequisite Units, completion increased 52.5%

·     In Electives completion increased 25%

The active curricular engagement between mentors and mentees this year surpasses anything we’ve seen in any previous year.

The students aren’t the only ones who wowed us this school year. Our mentors, in a year with a higher volume of activity work than ever before, increased their average course room posts by 50%!

With the growth of the icouldbe program, we look to the future with excitement – and the acknowledgement that this growth will require even more support of our large mentee population. More mentors are needed for next year, and we will be working hard to effectively train, recognize and retain our wonderful mentors for years to come.


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