Open for New School Recruitment

The school year is winding down, but here at we’re already looking ahead! We’re ready to sign up new schools for the 2010-2011 school year to include the program into their curriculum.

If you’re thinking about introducing the program to your school, here are a few advantages to keep in mind:

  • When your school uses, students are provided with dedicated volunteers who work with them on a 30 Unit, research-backed, career development and college preparation curriculum.
  • By opening up career and educational opportunities that students’ might not be aware of and providing students with connections to dedicated and committed role models, your school can provide two to three volunteer ‘counselors’ per student to prepare them for their lives after high school.
  • Students will improve their writing skills, increase their self-efficacy and develop critical research and technology skills.
  • Membership costs are highly subsidized thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, and are offered at extremely reduced rates to public schools.
  • Once you integrate e-mentoring into your existing curriculum, we will manage every aspect of the program – it will require no additional planning or staffing at your school.

E-mentoring is proven to be a successful way to encourage students to make the most out of high school and look positively to the future. If you would like to learn more about bringing icouldbe to your school, such as specific rates and whom you should contact, click here or email Michelle Derosier at We hope to see you next year!


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