Story from a mentor – Seeking Confidence

Here is another story from a long-time mentor at icouldbe:

Have I really been mentoring youths for the past six years? If you say so, it must be true. However, time really flies when you are having a good time. Where can I start about the kids who have crossed paths with me? I just can’t tell you about one. They are all like precious snowflakes or like stars in the sky—uniquely different and each with their own agenda.

The younger youths are sometimes more uncertain and seek confidence. They might pour out their hearts about problems relating to other kids. This age can be very frank about feeling excluded or left out, possibly because of their skin color or because they happen to be a certain ethnic group. This is the age that is still impressionable and you feel that any time spent mentoring such children is worth more than all the tea in China.

I remember the high school girl who loved to write stories. As she got to know me better, she sent more and more samples of her previously closely-guarded writing, which to my amazement was very creative, well-written, and action-packed. Inspiring such a prolific young writer was indeed a joy, especially since writing and editing is my niche also.

Probably the best times are when multiple students all at once become very involved with the curriculum. They are in constant communication, keeping me on my toes to respond to all their work. I love kids who are on a quest for knowledge—whose thirst to learn and find answers makes you feel so gratified to be a mentor.

Linda S


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