The Value of Volunteering

In a report from the Independent Sector, the estimated dollar value of volunteer time for 2009 is $20.85 an hour. Though it’s difficult to compare donated time to a dollar amount, it does make you think about how much we should truly appreciate our volunteers – and what with National Volunteer Week right around the corner, it’s a great time to do so!

At, mentors donated approximately 6,771 hours in 2009. With the estimated dollar value of volunteer time at $20.85 an hour… that means our mentors contributed $141,175.35 worth of time during 2009. That’s a really impressive number! We feel incredibly lucky to have such dedicated mentors who volunteer their time to help students who really need it. And one thing you can’t put a dollar value on – the change that these mentors have inspired into these students’ lives, and the doors they have helped them to open.

(Here’s a preview on 2010: we’ve already reached about 3,129 mentor hours donated this year – and it’s not even halfway over!)

Next week is National Volunteer Week – how are you planning on thanking the volunteers in your life? Stay tuned to our blog all next week, as well as icouldbe’s Facebook and Twitter, for daily ideas on honoring volunteers, stories from our mentors and more icouldbe news.


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