Public Agenda gets it: Recent report examines the need for more guidance in college and career searches

An ongoing report by the Public Agenda, prepared for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is examining the need for changes in the U.S. education system to improve dropout rates. One of the major factors they identified is the incredibly high guidance counselor-to-student ratio – simply put, there aren’t enough counselors available to give the proper attention to high school students as they look towards college and careers.

This is a major concern at – that’s why it’s so important for us to introduce our program to more and more schools. Mentors at icouldbe can dedicate the time that these students need and deserve when they have questions about their future, and also take them through a curriculum that will help them with applications, resumes, and the transition they’re about to embark on.

To quote the article,

“In the end, however, it seems obvious to us that young people who are completing high school and aspiring to go to college deserve better advice. At the very least, they deserve the opportunity to talk seriously with adults—counselors, teachers, family members, and others—who take a strong personal interest in their futures and have the time and skill to guide them through this period of decision and change.”


Help us spread the word on how can provide a way for students to communicate and work directly with the adults that this article is calling to action – mentors who take a personal interest in their future and can give the time and skill that they need in order to succeed.


One response to “Public Agenda gets it: Recent report examines the need for more guidance in college and career searches

  1. sophiabrianna09

    I truly hope so the need of more guidance counselors because I plan to get my Masters in School Counseling.

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