Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

Ever wondered how it works?

You’re probably familiar enough with icouldbe.org to know that it is an online, curriculum-based mentoring program. There is a little more to it, though – which is why we thought we’d explain how mentoring works at icouldbe.

First, icouldbe partners with a school in order to integrate their mentoring program into the school’s existing curriculum. Students are then able to choose their mentors (mentors from all over the country) depending on their interests and occupations.

Mentees and mentors are expected to interact and participate at least one hour per week, though many commit more time than that, and research has shown that the relationship should last one year in order to be successful. Both mentees and mentors are expected to spend 80% of their time in the activities outlined by the curriculum, and 20% spent on the community discussion boards and email communication.

The curriculum that students must participate in carries several units. Units each consist of three to four activities to complete. The units cover topics such as college and career preparation, as well as money management.

There is a fully integrated reporting system within icouldbe.org. This allows faculty at participating schools to review data on their students’ interactions with mentors, curriculum work, and the progress being made. Mentors are also able to access this reporting feature, in order to communicate with teachers and administrative staff regarding the quality of their mentee’s work.

Imagine a Facebook–like technology solution that surrounds each student with five caring adults – three mentors, their classroom teacher and an icouldbe.org staff person – all of whom are focused on that individual student’s interests, goals and passions for their futures.  There are very few programs that can bring bank executives, artists and all types of professionals right into classrooms every week of every school year.  And, icouldbe.org is a scalable solution that is ready to grow and serve any student in need.

The icouldbe mentoring program is able to help students get the attention and dedication they deserve to learn, grow and plan out their future. Any questions about how it works? Feel free to leave a message here, or check out www.icouldbe.org for more info.