Inspired Stories

Last week we told stories of how our mentors have inspired us and thanked them for helping us become who we are today. This week, we’re looking at things from a different angle!

We are so thankful that the mentors in our lives are able to affect and shape us. What about the interactions with those that we mentor? Part of the experience at is seeing what a difference you can make in the lives of your mentees. And so we ask you –

How have those you mentor made a difference in your life? Please share your stories with us!

[Also – here’s a quick update on our goal to sign up 200 mentors this month – we have reached ­230!]


2 responses to “Inspired Stories

  1. This is my first year being a mentor for and I absolutely love it. I mentor five students in all. I always wanted to be a mentor, but for the past two years my mom has been sick and has had surgery twice, so I spend a great deal of my time helping her. When I found out about icouldbe, I was thrilled. The students that I mentor make a difference in my life because they let me know that they genuinely appreciate all of the help that I am able to give them. Knowing that I am able to help them by answering their questions, giving advice, and helping them with things for college means a lot. Everytime I get a thank you from one of my mentors, I print it out because it not only puts a smile on face by knowing that I am able to assist them and be there for them, but it also means that the help that I am providing them with is being put to use by them. I look forward to mentoring many more students in the future and thank you icouldbe for creating this wonderful environment for us mentors.

    • Hi MJ,
      Wow, what an inspiring note! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I am particularly struck by your comments on how your mentees give-back to you….how they are helping you by their direct “thanks,” and your knowing that your mentees are using the guidance you are providing. I am so glad that ICB is such a great match for you! I’d love to continue to hear more about your experiences whenever you have the time. Also, I wanted to send my best wishes to your mom, and hope she feels better. Thanks so much MJ!
      Elizabeth – icouldbe staff

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